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“AgTech Pitch” Application

3:00 PM, May 5, 2016
Computer History Museum
Mountain View, CA

2017 Silicon Valley AgTech Conference

The RoyseLaw AgTech Conference is Silicon Valley’s premer conference featuring agricultural technologies.  Apply to pitch your innovative agricultural technoloy company to our panel of venture capitalists and angel investors.



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(Further Explanation of company's mission and how it will be achieved; brief description of target market and/or progress/success so far.)

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(Brief description of competing products/services already on the market and comparison to company's products/services; explanation of how company's products/services fill a niche or are innovative/offer something different

(Specialized technologies involved in the products/services; barriers to market entry, patents, trademarks, need for IP protection.)

(Current and projected market and growth of the industry; target market/audience and company’s projected market value in 5 years; whether different versions of the products/services are tailored to specific subgroups/segments of the market)

(Strategy and timeline for entering the market and expanding market share; description of sales/advertisement strategy and media, how they are effective in reaching the target market; how/where products/services will be made available to customers)

(Description of competitors and their products/services; how company's products/services are unique and offer something different.)


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May 6, 2016
Computer History Museum
1401 Shoreline Boulevard, Mountain View, CA 94043

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