Matthew Hively
Matthew Hively, Radix AgroSystems, Inc.


Matthew Hively is a Marine Corps veteran of 9 years who served in Afghanistan and abroad.  He began work in the military as a microwave radio technician for 4 years and as a intelligence specialist for 5 years.  After departing military service, Matthew entered the field of agriculture.  He managed a greenhouse operation called Archi’s Acres, where he oversaw all aspects of the farming operation and taught classes to returning veterans on how to grow produce using hydroponics.  Matthew later started his own hydroponic consulting company, which eventually led to the conception of Radix.  Through consulting, Matthew identified a way to help convert convention hydroponic farms to  organic-hydroponics, through a concept called biofertilizer.  In 2014, Matthew partnered with Ryan Lesniewski to develop their concept and together they started Radix AgroSystem, Inc.  He tends to overwork.

Silicon Valley AgTech 2016