Jesse Solomon
Jesse Solomon, Emmer & Co.


Jesse Solomon founded Emmer & Co. to rebuild our agriculture system by starting with the right sources. Jesse is an avid outdoorsman who started hunting so that he could connect directly with his food and know he was eating the purest, most natural meat. With Emmer & Co. Jesse wants to provide that “as close to wild as possible” experience for as many people as possible by going back to heritage sources; meat that has the most amazing flavors, is the best for the animal, the healthiest for us, and allows the land to thrive.

Jesse has a significant amount of experience as an entrepreneur and investor. His first company, Booklr, was acquired in 2014. Prior to launching his own ventures, Jesse established a Middle East office for an international hedge fund, where he sourced and managed investments across the region. This came after working in the sales and research divisions for HSBC in London, Hong Kong, and Dubai, where he spearheaded the bank’s efforts to enter new emerging markets. Toward the end of his time abroad he was living in Africa, obsessing over how to create a sustainable agriculture system in Ethiopia. Jesse received his BA with Honors in Anthropology from the University of Chicago.

Silicon Valley AgTech 2016